Sunday, August 14, 2011

The People's Republic of Capitalism

Working with Chinese people is a great experience the difference between my culture and their is Big, but despise the language barriers we find a common ground on trying to speak English.
They talk usually talk about China and how thing have change so quickly and how the live is changing over there, the busyness, the buildings, the highways and the most important the growing of the cities.
The documentary "The People’s Republic of Capitalism" talk about this canges and how those changes can be feel here en USA. If is true all the benefits that modernitation brings it comes to with a big tag of consecuences especially if no consider the consecuences. For me the blame (is I cna say it like that) is on the Big Companies that looking for bigger profets and lower expences move to a country were the lavor is cheap, so the loyalty of those companies are only for the Money and they don't think how their decisions change lives along the way.

Working with Chinese people is a great experience. The difference between my culture and theirs is big, but despite the language barriers, we find common ground in trying to speak English.

Those interviewed in "The People's Republic of Capitalism" usually talk about how things have changed so quickly, how all this busy-ness is leading to taller buildings, more congested highways and other problems associated with the growth of cities.

The documentary also addresses how these changes can be felt here in the USA. If this is true, then all the benefits of a modernization may come with consequences that could have been avoided with more careful planning.

For me the blame is on the big companies. Looking for bigger profits and lower expenses, they will move their operations to a country where the labor is cheap. The big companies are loyal to Big Money, and they don't think about how their decisions change lives along the way

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