Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home a 2009 Documentary

Home: a word that has deep emotional meaning in our hearts and minds. It is the place were we grew up, the place that hold our childhood memories. Every inch of our homes has a purpose and a story to tell. When we take care of this home, the next generation will benefit.

“Home: A Documentary” broadens our view, opening our eyes to the interconnectedness of all aspects of nature. Like a perfectly synchronized ballet dance, we might not understand it but is beautiful.

Our home is alive. Like the blood in our veins, water moves and erodes sediments, dispersing potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium, transporting and depositing them. This maintains the material balances of the solid, liquid and gaseous parts of the Earth. Other than profit motive, what drives multinational corporations to buy the land containing our natural water reservoirs? Water nurtures not only those who live near it; it nurtures all life here on earth. That said, is it any surprise that the space exploration agencies look to water as a sign of life on other planets?

Bacteria is also essential to life. It may thrive in extreme conditions, helping helping things grow, absorbing carbon dioxide and transforming it into something that promotes fertile soil. They also transform the sun's energy.

Algae, too, play an important role in regulating the ecosystem, supplying oxygen to our atmosphere. Yes, we depend on the rainforest vegetation to help convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, yet photosynthesis within both algae and trees helps maintain the the earth's natural balance of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water, sustaining life here on earth. A few organisms can survive without oxygen, but it is essential to land-based life forms.

Despite all we've learned, life is a miracle and a mystery. Everything is connected and follows the laws of nature, and for every action there is a reaction. Our home requires balanced ecosystems. No single connection within them laid to waste.

But in our short existence on this Planet we have changed that delicate balance. If I think of Earth as a single living organism and us humans as bacteria going berserk, then I'd imagine that we are sucking the life out of our host instead of keeping the balance and improving our lives.

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  1. This is beautifully directed and produced. Somehow, I can't avoid comparing it to the film, Koyaanisqaatsi, though the latter contains no text.