Saturday, October 15, 2011


Original image: Everest Chiropractic

Everybody loves long weekends. Some lie on the couch, while others do the chores that have been piling up. My own weekend was a bit different this time.

After taking care of my own chores, I had time to do some walking. My feet led me to I the back of a building, close to the train tracks, where the foliage was starting to lose color, bringing those oranges and reds that sometimes make our minds wander.

The sun, breaking through the trees, shining on the train rails, created a perfect travel poster-like view. Then, I heard the noise of the heavy wheels approaching, hypnotically repeating, one after another, making my mind wander and my eyes close.


After a long breath, I could feel how the breeze was lifting me. Slowly, I open my eyes, and I could see myself as a 7 year-old, playing on the train tracks, throwing pebbles onto the train tracks, making sounds and imitating a gun shot. My grandfather would be laughing, talking with his friends, all of whom were wearing suits and hats, holding their jackets on one arm. How long ago was it that I felt this way: worry-free, enjoying every moment, happy just to be grabbing as many pebbles as I could fit into my hand?

The whistle of the train awoke me from my trance and, in a few seconds, I went back in time, feeling, hearing and noticing that particular smell of metal, wood and oil. It reminds me how simple life can be and how life is not just about rushing. Sometimes we just need to sit awhile and enjoy the simple moments also.

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  1. Nice use of flashback in this narrative. You tell a good story!