Sunday, September 18, 2011

I am recommending this documentary because it extends your thought that our happiness is influenced by architecture.

The perfect home is something we all think about every moment of our lives. Since the moment of our birth we organize the space around us, moving furniture and placing ornaments on the walls. we call this "our space".

Not everybody will agree, but one thing is clear: we all try to compensate for what we lack, escaping from the monotonous and industrial feeling of a city, deciding to live in a house that on the exterior has the look of one or two centuries ago.

Maria Antonietta made the same exodus, but from her point of view. Escaping from the palaces of Versailles, she built a rustic village, known as the Queen's Hamlet. But it was an unreasonable facsimile of the peasant villages she thought she understood. The one thing she could not escape is that she liked living large. But no peasant could afford the large windows of her neo-vernacular estate. The expression, let them eat cake clearly belongs to this woman, as oblivious as she was.

We follow her steps nowadays, trying to hold on to something that is no longer around us, yet we still insist upon having our self-indulgent bells and whistles. We should learn from our past mistakes and start living more mindfully building homes that more efficient in materials and energy.

There are some around the world trying to make this change but as long we don't put aside our selfishness and indulgences we'll continue making the same mistakes.

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